Enhance your muscle growth and strength with IGF-1 supplements

Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 popularly known as IGF-1 is a hormone that has same structure as of insulin and works along with growth hormone to regenerate and reproduce cells. Growth Hormone is generally made by the pituitary gland and it stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1. And this IGF-1 subsequently stimulates growth in cells throughout the body, which in turn leads to growth and development, strengthening of tissues, and healing. IGF-1 is well known for muscle building and for something to avoid when dealing with cancer. IGF-1 also plays main role in healing and it tends to be low in those with chronic inflammation. To know more about IGF-1, you can check out IGF-1 supplements review in Steroidly.com. Testosterone and IGF-1 were two best products that are used for muscle growth and strength. Both hormones are influenced by diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

There are also few short term and long term side effects that are related with IGF-1. One of the most common short-term side effects that is reported from IGF-1 usage is hypoglycemia which is a disorder characterized by an abnormally low level of blood sugar. The long-term side effects from IGF-1 are very similar to those of growth hormone. Many of the long term effects of GH administration would also occur with IGF-I, as GH anabolic effects are related to the production of IGF-I in different tissues. Before buying IGF-1 supplement products, you can have clear details on IGF-1 side effects with IGF-1 supplements review at steroidly.com website.

Over dosage of IGF-1 also leads to adverse side effects such as swelling of soft tissues, hypoglycemia, edema and hyperandrogenism. For athletes who take more IGF-1 dosage, too much IGF-1 in the blood causes bone growth that in turn causes changes in physical appearance. Additionally, one of the most dangerous IGF-1 side effects that is observed in athletes is cardiomyopathy disease which enlarges and weakens the heart. On other hand, too much of GH and IGF-I also results in cardio myocyte derangement and heart abnormalities, as well as problems with cardiac rhythm and heart valves.

IGF-1 is a very powerful growth promoting metabolite and its production peaks during the stage of adolescence to enhance body growth and development. As the age increases, the body secretes less HGH, and therefore IGF-1. So by the age of 60 years of age, human body may produce only 25% of the HGH levels that is produced during adolescence. Many studies has proven that reduction in HGH and IGF-1 production as the age increases is associated with many age-related problems in the human body that include graying hair, loss of sexual desire and function, decreased energy, wrinkled skin, increased body fat, and more. So using IGF-1 will help you out, but you should always keep in mind that you should consult your physician before taking this hormonal product. As hormone therapy and hormonal supplements affects different people in different ways, so the advice of a physician is strongly recommended. However, studies of IGF-1 have marked that it is a safe and effective product, if it is used according to manufacturer’s suggested use. IGF-1 products must be used only by adults and should be kept out of reach of children and also pregnant women. These IGF-1 supplements are also not meant for administration to pets.