Common Medical Billing Errors And How Healthcare Billing Services Can Save Doctors And Hospitals Some Money

Mistakes in the healthcare billing services happen inevitably but being tired is never a good excuse. Seeing patients satisfied with the services you deliver gives you sense of fulfillment. But to see their facial reaction dramatically change when their bill arrives is definitely an experience you don’t want to see. Their faces would turn red as their blood pressure rises because of a huge amount they weren’t expecting at all.

Most people who avoid confronting the biller will be obliged to pay without receiving a good explanation of their overpriced bill. It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of the common charges in a certain facility and take notes of the necessary procedures done so as not to be caught by surprise. As providers, the use of effective methods should be done to ensure that healthcare billing services will be done accurately without having to cause inconvenience to patients.

Billing Patients Twice

This error is hard to detect but is the most common medical billing error. This happens when an encoder fails to verify the charges without noticing that a double entry has been made to a patient’s account. This can also occur when supply staff experiences scarcity because he gave another patient more than their desired number of items, so what he does is he encodes it twice to avoid shortages. For hospitals to avoid lawsuits, each and every one should be careful when encoding and double check before printing it out.

Inaccurate Patient Information

Committing errors in spelling or encoding wrong information can greatly affect claims. For example, your file says you are a male but you are trying to make a claim for a procedure exclusive for females, then there might be a tendency that your claim will be denied. A claim must be generated and re-submitted to the insurance provider.

Unbundling Services

Inexperienced billers typically commit this kind of mistake. Instead of paying for a lesser amount for a bundled service, the patient is charged for those services separately, so they end up seeing a skyrocketing bill. Deliberately done or not, this is not a good practice on healthcare billing services.

Using Incorrect Billing Codes

Billing codes might change frequently so every staff must be aware of any revisions. If the members are have been encoding the old ones, then there will be discrepancies on the bill. What happens is that patients will not be paying for the exact amount they should be paying for. For facilities to be free from money issues, they must ensure employees know changes in the billing trends and codes.

Unverified Insurance Provider

Working in the hospital can be very demanding and because of that some staff fails to update your insurance details. You should be responsible for informing your health provider about any changes on your insurance to get billed correctly. If you fail to give them the correct information, it is likely that you’ll see questionable charges. As patients, it is important to do a little research and understand the costs prior to receiving their service.

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