What is the best way to get rid of Verruca?

Verrucas are wart present on the feet that occupy the skin through small scrapes and small cuts. These are small and rough lamps present on the skin. Warts are benign and are often appears on hands and feet’s. Different areas of the body contain different form of skin. The skin of the face is normally sensitive as compared to feet. The clinical name used for Verruca is planter wart. Verucca is normally occurs due to Human Papilloma Virus. There are different types of warts. It includes common warts, planter warts, filiform warts, mosaic warts, periungual warts and plan warts.


Who gets Verruca?

Almost every person faces Verruca in some part of their life. Verucca is normally present in teenagers and adults. According to the research it is concluded that only 4 to 5 percent of the children have Verruca. In Verrucas the skin of the wart is white in color. They often contain a black dot in its center.


The warts or Verrucas can be removed easily if they are handled with care. The easy and simple measurements help in keeping the body safe and sound for a long period of time. The goal of the treatment is to remove Verruca without creating scar tissue. Scar tissue is more painful than Verruca. The treatment of Verruca depends upon the type, location and symptoms of wart. Do not share your clothes and socks with anyone. Wash your feet’s and hands minimum twice a day. Do not touch any other person’s wart. Change your socks daily and cover you wart with plastic sheet while going in water. There are different methods and best ways to get rid of Verrucas. Some of the best treatment for Verrucas is as follows:

  • Use of proper medicines and chemicals. Different treatments such as paints, gels and creams are used for Verruca removal.
  • One can also remove Verrucas with freezing. Freezing is one the simple and best way to get rid of Verrucas.
  • Different laser treatments or surgical techniques are also used to remove Verrucas. However, these methods are hurting and painful. Laser treatment can also be done. It helps in Verruca removal without bringing any damage to the surrounding area.
  • Verrucas are normally not painful but if they are located on home weight bearing area then they are considered painful. Not all kinds of warts need to be treated. They can generally remove within months or a year. The treatment is normally required when Verruca causes pain and it is hard for a person to bear it. People normally decide to treat wart it is painful, embarrassing or irritated. A treatment is also required if Verruca spread to other parts of the body. The treatment is not successful in all situations. A 100 percent success is guaranteed if the problem is detected on its initial stages. If you do not see your doctor on time and keep on treating Verruca by yourself then it sometimes leads to major disasters.