Zoom teeth whitening is widely available at most dental practices

Having good, healthy teeth really is a benefit. A bright smile gives off that friendly vibe. All is not lost if your teeth does not currently have the makings of a perfect set of pearly whites. With Zoom teeth whitening, the restoration to get teeth back into a natural white colour is just one dental appointment away. As far as cosmetic enhancements to the teeth go, whitening is the most popular. Here lies a way to get an instant change in your teeth. Zoom teeth whitening has made a professional level of this treatment widely available to the public, through certified dentists. Having your teeth whitened at a dentist will ensure that you would get good results that will last for a couple of years, leaving you to not fall prey to some unworthy off the shelf brands which do nothing that they promise. It will also be a once off treatment that lasts for around 3 years.


Zoom teeth whitening is widely available at most dental practices. It is the gel and light combo that has dentists more than happy to stick with this system of whitening as the treatment time is lessened, resulting in far less damage to the outer layer of the tooth. Whitening the teeth is a fickle matter. If not understood and attempted on your own, will result in peeling away layers of the tooth and leaving it prone to sensitivity. Under a dentist, you know you will be in good hands and that your teeth will remain in healthy condition. The Zoom teeth whitening treatment is fairly straightforward. Just an hour is needed for the treatment to be completed. If all goes well, then the patient can even leave well before this time. The Zoom teeth whitening system is a 2 part process using both gel and light technology. Usually, only one method is used. With this combination, the bleaching gel does not have to stay on the teeth for a long time.

The Zoom light speeds up the bleaching so that the gel never penetrates past the enamel. Only the stained portion of the tooth will be removed, with the natural brightness underneath being revealed. During the process, patients just need to lie back and get a bit of relaxation. Once the Zoom teeth whitening treatment is complete, the results will be immediate. This shade will last for the next few years but it is also important to take care of the teeth to prolong the whiteness with a set daily cleaning schedule and twice yearly dentist visits. The next 48 hours following the Zoom teeth whitening treatment must be treated with caution. Even though patients can go back to their normal lives, care must be taken during this time in particular. The bleaching gel will have removed a small layer of dentin and it will take around 48 hours for it to normalize. During this time, high pigment foods will stain and take back the whitening shades a few steps. Other than this, patients can leave the dental rooms and immediately enjoy their new white teeth.