Ray of Light: Zap Away Your Excess Hair Using Laser Technology

Unwanted hair? Bzzz….. Excess hair? Zap. Don’t worry. You have a friend in laser hair removal. Laser hair removal technology is more effective, fast, and super accurate than ever—for nearly all types of skin.

In the beauty world, to look good, you should cut ten inches off your shoulder hair and undergo a series of laser bean hair removal —especially on your face. A few decades ago, when resurfacing laser beam technology first come into the realm of dermatology with a lot of promises of science-fiction breakthroughs, very high expectations led to many disappointments. Medical engineers wanted something that could direct a beam of intense light on the skin to burn off the excess hair, for a hair-free skin. However, this didn’t work as expected. Instead; the first laser device could literally inflict pain on patients. This resulted in months-long sunburns. And for those with darker skin, lasers proved risky at best.

Laser technology comes of age

However, since then, everything from the technology used and the results achieved—have improved tremendously. This has made lasers dermatology’s most valued devices. The technology employed has revolutionized what spa experts can do as far as excess hair is concerned.

Laser medicine is a complicated field. This makes it difficult for clueless patients to determine which device are right, how much laser hair removal costs, and their side effects. That is why this article is going to round up vital facts relating laser hair removal. Keep reading!


How does a laser work?

Unlike a bulb’s white light that features a blend of rainbow colors, a laser is a concentrated beam of light that incorporates just one color. When it is focused on the hair follicle, the laser’s intense light can wipe out unwanted hairs while sparing the surrounding skin.

Do doctors and spas prefer a particular type of laser?

Unfortunately, yes. If they only have one device, that’s what they’ll recommend. That is part of the reason you should visit a clinic with multiple laser devices like Canada MedLaser Clinic.

How to determine the right device

Using the right device is vital. It will eliminate the possibilities of side effects while achieving the desired results. Therefore, you should seek the following clarifications from your doctor to determine right laser device to use:

  • Where he/she trained
  • The number patients he/she has treated for your particular problem
  • The risks and complications
  • Request to see pictures of the device (they should be from him/her and not from the manufacturer).

Do lasers hurt?

Laser hair removal is less painful than other hair removal procedures. However, this does not mean that it won’t hurt. For instance, if you did not stay away from the sun one week prior to your appointment, your skin can hurt. It is the responsibility of your doctor to give you specific instructions before undergoing this procedure.

Your skin says a lot about you

Don’t let your hairy skin take away your beauty pride. No! Get rid of it once and for all. There is so much you can do to remove it for good. And one of the most effective ways is to use the laser hair removal. So, if you need to redefine your looks again, get in touch with Canada Med Laser. They are all you need!