Dental implant aftercare will depend on 2 scenarios

Dental implant aftercare will depend on 2 scenarios. The first would be when the implant is first attached with the second being the crown attachment.


Dental implant aftercare at the first stage should be fully understood before the surgery commences. This is not something that people go through often, so not much information is known regarding the aftermath of the implant surgery. The first thing to know is that no pain will be felt during the process due to the sedation used. Afterwards, patients will have soreness and swelling. It will subside within a few days. Medication will be given to advance this along. This will also include antibiotics which will kill off any infection that begins to form. Infections can cause complications to the implant so it should be taken at the given intervals. Patients should not return to work and not engage in strenuous physical activity. Bleeding is to be expected. As part of dental implant aftercare, patients will be taught how to bite down on gauze to relive the bleeding. Once the implant has been inserted, the gum will be stitched close. Within a week the stitches should fall out, but in the meantime they should not be interfered with. So this means no brushing directly over them and abstaining from solid foods which require chewing. The main portion of dental implant aftercare is done during this 10 day period. It is still a few months wait to have the crown attached. The area must be kept clean and healthy in anticipation of the dental crown.

Dental implant aftercare at the second stage is pretty much the standard in terms of oral hygiene. Patients who have received dental implants now have a second chance at taking better care of their teeth. This time around they should have an easier go of it as the materials used in the implant and crown are resistant to decay, while being biologically compatible with the mouth. This does not reduce the risk of infections though, so good oral health is very much vital. Implants can last a lifetime with good care, so the dental implant aftercareshould strictly be adhered to.